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Tal & Keagan | Pre Wedding | Bali

I have lots of fun shooting Tal & Keagan pre wedding session. They are easy going, fun, willing to put lots of effort to make great pictures and they are truly in love. It wasn’t a good start on that day, we have to wake up early in the morning, long way drives to the photo location and it was raining when we get there. But I believe there is always something we can do regardless of the weather and we did comes out with some great pictures.

Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-01 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-02 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-03 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-04 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-05 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-06 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-07 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-08 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-09 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-10 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-11 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-12 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-13 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-14 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-15 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-16 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-17 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-18 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-19 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-20 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-21 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-22 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-23 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-24 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-25 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-26 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-27 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-28 Tal-Keagan-Prewedding-Bali-29