Villa Latitude Wedding Bali – Novie & Indra

It’s getting more and more couple from big city like Jakarta who choose Bali to get married nowadays. They are spoiled with lots of amazing venue options. This is also one of the reason why Novie & Indra decided to get married in this beautiful island. They want to keep their wedding small & intimate where everyone can get rid of the formalities & have some fun.

Novie & Indra 01Novie & Indra 02Novie & Indra 03Novie & Indra 04Novie & Indra 05Novie & Indra 06Novie & Indra 07Novie & Indra 08Novie & Indra 09Novie & Indra 10Novie & Indra 11Novie & Indra 12Novie & Indra 13Novie & Indra 14Novie & Indra 15Novie & Indra 16Novie & Indra 17Novie & Indra 18Novie & Indra 19Novie & Indra 20Novie & Indra 21

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